Brazilian Butt Lift

Weight loss and genetics can contribute to poor tissue elasticity and a sagging buttocks. Buttock lift surgery often uses your own natural fatty tissue (fat grafting), implants or both to enhance your derrière. Other areas of your buttocks can be reduced at the same time, resulting in a firmer, more youthful figure.

The Butt Lift Procedure

No matter which type of butt augmentation procedure you have, anesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort. Dr. Klenke will determine the appropriate type of procedure for you based on the size/shape of your buttocks, the amount of fat on your body available for use through liposuction, skin quality and your overall goals.

Dr. Klenke can perform the butt implant procedure using three different types of incision patterns. She can make incisions toward the top on both sides of the upper buttock, toward the bottom in both of the buttock creases (where your "cheeks" meet the top of the thighs), between the cheeks (hidden in the crease) or she can make one incision down the center above both cheeks. A silicone implant will be inserted either in the muscle or above the gluteal muscle on each side. Dr. Klenke will close the incisions with layered stitches, skin adhesive or surgical tape.

The fat grafting/Brazilian butt lift procedure starts with liposuction. Dr. Klenke may liposuction up to 3 times the amount of fat than what will actually be injected into the buttocks. The fat removed through liposuction is processed and re-injected through small injections all over your buttocks.

Butt Lift Recovery and Results

Results of butt implant surgery are immediate. Over time, swelling will recede and incision lines will fade. Results of the fat grafting/Brazilian butt lift procedure are also immediate, however you may not see the full results for up to a year because it takes a while for the fat to "take." The fat grafting/Brazilian butt lift offers natural looking and feeling results, but the volume may decrease over time as the fat is absorbed by your body. No matter which type of butt augmentation procedure you have, the result will be a fuller, rounder tush that improves the overall balance of your figure.

Consult the Expert

For more information about butt lift surgery, be sure to contact our office today. Dr. Klenke is eager to discuss the various treatment options with you. She will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and address your concerns in much greater detail.